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star king x'mas edition

here is the link for star king eng sub, no eng sub T________T

Starking X-mas eps. 145 (Part 1-7)


Starking X-mas eps. 145 (Part 2-7)


Starking X-mas eps. 145 (Part 3-7)


Starking X-mas eps. 145 (Part 4-7)


Starking X-mas eps. 145 (Part 5-7)


Starking X-mas eps. 145 (Part 6-7)


Starking X-mas eps. 145 (Part 7-7)


Rabu, 16 Desember 2009

yesung help yoona

ini si yesung toel si yoona, ksh tau klo ada handuk di pantat * maap * nya yoona
( malu amat si yoona, wkwk )

trus si yoona nengok, si yesung lgsg tunjuk ke arah pantat * maap lgi * yoona
( gila, yesung oppa yg tunjuk , buset deh malu nya ke awan , wkwk )

* gmbar pas yesung nolongin si yoona

melon music award 2009 winner

2009 SONG
Winner: SNSD – Gee

Melon Music Awards
2009 ALBUM
Winner: G-Dragon – Heartbreaker

Melon Music Awards
Winner: SNSD

Melon Music Awards
Winner: 2NE1

Melon Music Awards
2009 STAR
Winner: TVXQ

Melon Music Awards
2009 MANIA
Winner: TVXQ – Mirotic

Melon Music Awards
Winner: Kim Tae Woo – Love Rain

Melon Music Awards
Winner: SNSD

Melon Music Awards
Winner: SNSD – Gee

Melon Music Awards
Winner: SNSD

Melon Music Awards
Winner: Lee Ssang

Melon Music Awards
Winner: Bang Shi Hyuk

Melon Music Awards
Winner: Lee Seung Chul

2009 Special Album
Winner : Infinity Challenge – Cold Noodles by Jessica Park Myung Soo

Melon Music Awards
2009 TOP 10
Brown Eyed Girls
Super Junior

ryeowook chinese cy update

Merry Christmas ^^~~~!!!!!!!!
I love you all~~!!!
Sleep early~~~^^!! You~~have too !!
I hope~~you are all happy~~^^
Tomorrow we will return to China~~!!
Wait for me^^!!!

Credit to: Ryeowook’s Chinese CY
Translated by: one_love@sj-world.net

heechul cy update

Heechul Cyworld Entry 2009.12.16 -
Please Call It Heekyung

I only go to China when we have a concert there… that is, occasionally

but everytime I go, I’m really popular

…… it’s understandable if it’s a normal degree of popularity, but to be this popular, I was pretty surprised

So I asked Hankyung

Me: Hey, “Jin Xi Che”~that’s me right? Whoa, why am I so popular – -;;

Hankyung: Because you’re a punk. (NOTE: thanks [info]weird_ab!)

Me: (- ┏)

Then I asked our manager-hyung,

Me: Hyung, why am I so popular? Haha, it puts me in a good mood, hahaha

Hyung: Because there’s only one person like you in the world, so a lot of people like you, haha

Me: Oh~ Does that mean I should grow my hair until it reaches waist-length? Hahaha [NO HEECHUL IT DOESN'T]

Hyung: Also Hankyung mentions your name quite often in China.

Me: That bastard… is he saying that I taught him curses again – -^

Hyung: Hankyung often says that you helped him out a lot when he had problems in Korea, says that you’re very close friends~ everyone asks why you don’t come to China more often, haha.

Me: Looks like he said something good for once. Strangely embarrassing, haha.

Hyung: Also your fans are kind of scary, haha. Maybe because they’re like you? [the coding got messed up here?]

Me: My fans were originally like that. Haha. Recently the focus has been on becoming more popular. Maybe I should switch it up a bit for the fans? I’d feel more at ease – -

Hyung: Ah

Me: Why do all my banners read “Princess” – -? And there are pictures of me as a woman.

Hyung: That… Hankyung is China’s prince? So you’re the princess.

Me: Oh, does that mean I have to shave my armpits? Hehehehe

Later, when I was drinking with Hankyung just the two of us, I brought it up casually

Me: Hey, thanks.

Hankyung: For what?

Me: Well~ I heard you mention me a lot in China~because of you I’m popular there even though I don’t go very often hahaha (it’s really embarrassing to say stuff like this)

Hankyung: Shut up and drink.

Me: ^-^ (This guy really makes me wanna…. – -^)

My warm friend(-┏)

Credit: mytiggerhobes at heechulpetals & SJ-WORLD.NET

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yesung help yoona

when golden disk award,
yesung help yoona, bcause there's small towel that stuck on yoona's butt * sorry to say this word *

so yesung help yoona ..


pas penghargaan golden disk award
yesung nolongin si yoona, soal nya ada handuk kecil yang nyangkut di pntat nya yoona * mianhae nyebutin kata" sensitif *
yaa dtolongin deh ma yesung

jahhh~~ sbenernya si gaa seneng dnger nii brita ? ><
ngpain ditolongin mesti nya si biarin aja biar diketawaiin org wkwk ..

Senin, 14 Desember 2009

jung soo cy update

Call heaven to witness

..Daesang Singer..
..Super Junior..

Credits: 박정수 cyworld, & vn_fans@SJ-World.net

SBS Gayo Daejoon

Grup Super Junior akan menggunakan waktu akhir tahun mereka dengan bertemu fans mereka di korea. Super Junior akan menjadi tamu spesial di acara SBS akhir tahun ‘SBS Gayo Daejeon’.

Super Junior akan menyanyikan lagu mereka dan akan mempunyai penampilan spesial bersama grup SNSD. staf SBS Gayo Daejeon mengatakan bahwa ‘Super Junior akan hadir dalam Gay Daejeon dan akan melakukan penampilan yang menarik. Menjadi salah satu grup favorit, mereka sangat sibuk dengan banyak kegiatan di luar korea, mereka menggunakan kesempatan ini untuk bertemu lagi dengan fans korea dan menunjukkan penampilan yang luar biasa’.

Selain Ki Bum yang sibuk dengan promosi film nya dan Kangin yang sedang istirahat, anggota lainnya akan hadir dalam SBS Gayo Daejeon.

Original source: sj-market
Translated by eunmi@sj-world

SuJu sorry sorry certified gold in philippines

english :

Asian Pop Superstar Group SUPER JUNIOR’s third album “Sorry Sorry” is now certified GOLD in the Philippines after three months of release. Super Junior holds the distinction of being the FIRST K-POP ARTIST and its album “Sorry Sorry”, the FIRST K-POP ALBUM to reach GOLD RECORD STATUS in the country.

SUPER JUNIOR’s “Sorry Sorry” album was NUMBER ONE in two of the country’s biggest record retail chains – Odyssey and Music One and stayed in Odyssey Records Album Chart for 10 weeks! Two of album’s singles “Sorry Sorry” and “”It’s You” received heavy radio and video airplay and “It’s You” music video peaked at #2 in MYX Hit Chart.

Universal Records attributes this amazing achievement to the solid support the local Super Junior followers have shown this 13-person super group. Watch out for Super Junior’s next release “Super Junior – Super Show 2 Live Album” CD in the Philippines soon.

“Sorry Sorry” is released in the Philippines by Universal Records, the FIRST record label to release K-Pop albums in the country.

source: Universal Records Philippines
Shared by: icepluscoffee


indo :
Asian Pop Superstar Group SUPER JUNIOR album ketiga "sorry sorry" sekarang bersertifikat Gold di Filipina setelah tiga bulan peluncurannya. Super Junior memegang perbedaan menjadi PERTAMA K-POP ARTIST dan album "sory sory", Album pertama K-POP Yang mencapai REKOR GOLD STATUS di negeri ini.*oppa lanjutkan kesuksesanya >.<*

SUPER JUNIOR's "sory sory" NOMOR SATU album di dua negara terbesar rantai ritel catatan - Odyssey dan Musik Satu dan tinggal di Odyssey Rekaman Album Chart selama 10 minggu! Dua dari album single "sory sory" dan "" It's You "berat menerima radio dan video diputar dan" It's You "video musik memuncak di # 2 di MYX Hit Chart.

Records atribut universal ini prestasi luar biasa untuk mendukung Super Junior lokal pengikutnya telah menunjukkan 13-orang member super. Watch out for Super Junior rilis berikut: "Super Junior - Super Show 2 Live Album" CD di Filipina segera.

"sory sory"yang dirilis di Filipina oleh Universal Records, label rekaman PERTAMA untuk merilis album K-pop di negeri ini.

source : wordpress

yesung new restaurant ( pic part 2 )

yesung new restaurant

yesung new restaurant, babtol at hongdae gate, Seoul.

yesung's mother



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link SuShow II @ Nanjing

Leeteuk Intro & Talk

Miracle (Eunteuk Focus)

Neorago (It's you)

Ryeowook & Sungmin

Blue Tommorow + Super Girl

Heechul hugged Zhoumi & Siwon hugged Henry

sorry sorry answer

Link :

keeereeeenn ><
teukie kereenn ><

pict of SuShow II @ Nanjing

Hyukkie kereennn >.<

Chullie ^^

HanChul ~ chullie cantikk bgtt ><

wookie ft. yesung ^^

Sapphire blue ~~


On 8th this month Suju M went on a verity program show call 綜藝大哥大(zhong yi da ge da) at Taiwan..

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

enjoy ^^

heechul ksh jaket ke taeyeon SNSD


iri bgt jdi taeyeon .. heechul ksh jaket nyaa ke taeyeon >.<
pke dket" yesung lgi ><>

yesung cy entry

Sudah hampir 6-7 tahun aku tinggal terpisah dari kedua orang tuaku……

selalu aku berharap ingin tinggal berdekatan dengan mereka …

Omma… Appa yang selalu kurindakan hari demi hari

December 11th 2009 !!**

Aku akan membawa mereka ke restoran dimana terdapat makanan dan punya suasananya enak ^^

semua ~~ !!

Datanglah ke Hongdae (baptoolseu)* dan ciptakan kenangan manis disana ^^

Karena aku akan sering – sering datang ke tempat itu ~~ ㅎㅎ

Saat kau melihat Hongdae gate, ambil jalur sebelah kiri, dan kira – kira 50 meter di depan kau akan menemukan tempat ini

* mau ah ke restoran nya yesung ^^

SuShow II @ Nanjing

19:34 The show has started, playing VCR now

19:35 The girl said the scene is beautiful^^

19:37 SJ has come out, Donghae is the first- -

19:40 'A Man in Love', everyone wore black, Eeteuk is teasing the girls> <

19:41 Donghae's hair is still the same, very cute^^

19:44 HeeHae hugged, the girl said Donghae smiled embarrassingly, hid his whole face in Heechul>

19:45 Singing 'U' now

19:46 Donghae took off his jacket^^

19:48 Donghae continues to rap Kibum's part

19:48 Hyukjae is teasing the girls now^^

19:49 'Neorago', remix version

19:51 Hyukjae exposes his shoulder a little> <

19:53 Heechul is wearing shades (and) come up from the lifting platform

19:53 Everyone took off their jackets, Donghae forcefully threw (his jacket) on the floor= =playing VCR

19:54 'She wants it'

19:55 The members came out to sing, everyone shouted (their) names

19:57 Teukie came out with a black umbrella^^

19:58 While singing, Donghae sticks out his ass- -+

19:58 Self introductions, Heechul blew a flying kiss to everyone^^

20:00 Kyuhyun drank a whole bottle of mineral water in one breathe, and said "Thank you" in Mandarin> <

20:01 During self-intro everyone has a nickname in front of their names. Donghae's is 'Little Fishy Donghae'

20:02 Self-intro Donghae said, "Dear babies, wife, I'm Donghai"

20:02 Eeteuk is dressed as a girl- -

20:03 Hyukjae took a towel to wipe (his) face and stomach and threw it (into the pits)

20:04 'Angela'

20:04 SiHae is whispering (to each other)- -Hyukjae (wants to) kiss Siwon, Donghae blocked (them) and wouldn't let him kiss= =To sum up the 86line is in a mess. Jongwoon won in the end> <

20:06 Donghae teases the girls while walking- -

20:07 Kyuhyun said, "You're my everything*"

20:08 'Miracle'

20:08 Donghae looked up and saw (our) "Donghae sshi, look here" banner>

20:10 'Disco Drive'

20:10 Donghae touched Siwon's cheeks> <

20:10 Donghae is in front of Siwon, Siwon then kneel down on one knee and bobo Donghae's hand

20:12 Donghae is dancing in front of our light banner> <

20:13 Donghae waved at the rainbow towels, even made a looking out gesture~

20:15 The audience is switching on their light banners ~

20:16 'Dancing out' now

20:17 Playing VCR now

20:18 Sungmin's solo

20:19 After 'Dancing out' finished, Yesung and Siwon raced while getting off the stage, in the end Yesung won~

20:22 Donghae's solo~'Beautiful'~^^

20:26 Shaking hands with the fans, then stared at the girls with rainbow towels~teasing them^^

20:28 Solo has finished, there was a lot of Fishy light banners and rainbow towels. He pointed at the fish in the pits even kissed a fan's hand, in the end when he was getting off stage he shouted "Thank you everyone"

20:29 Ryeowook's solo

20:31 Everyone said that the female dance partner is very popular> <

20:32 Kyuhyun's solo 'Seven Years of Love'

20:33 The girl said Kyuhyun's solo is too cool~

20:34 During individual solos the audience shouted (the member's) name

20:36 'What if~'

20:40 Hyukjae has shades on, the girl said he's especially handsome^^wore bring silvery shoes

20:41 'Heartquake'

20:42 Teukie solo, had on a small black hat, a lot of female dancers, and asked the audience: "Are you ready?"

20:45 Heechul solo, Henry came out too^^

20:45 Henry on violin, very handsome

20:45 Heechul's solo is the same as Thailand con, Ivy's 'Temptation of Sonata'

20:47 Heechul wore white jacket, bright red shirt and bright red scarf, pulled his hair back, featuring Hyukjae

20:48 Heechul exposes his shoulder with his back facing the audience

20:49 Another VCR^^

20:53 'Don't Don'

20:55 'Don't Don', EunHae "squaring off"- -///The girl said it's amazing

20:58 'Twins'

20:58 Hankyung and Siwon's singlets are very sexy> <

21:00 The girl said Donghae's white singlet and muscles are looking very good too> <

21:01 Now playing some clips from debut till now

21:03 'Our Love'

21:04 Donghae and Shindong are swaying~

21:05 Donghae wore a striped top with black vest, looking around

21:06 Teukie said something in Chinese= =Donghae was giggling awkwardly= =

21:07 Another VCR time^^

21:08 During 'Our Love' just now, Shindong held up the microphone as if it's hanging**, Kyuhyun pretended to be recording (and) hold up the earphones to his ear, Donghae came to join in the fun

21:11 Donghae wore a white trenchcoat, came out with a net= =Heechul danced a 'Gee' movement

21:13 Dance battle, start of the VCR is Donghae, very cool~

21:14 Fairytale segment. Heechul took off his jacket and wore a jumper - is a dragon. Siwon is a fly, Jongwoon is a bug, Ryeowook a snake, Hankyung a bat, Hyukjae a spider. While ambushing, Donghae used the trenchcoat to cover his ears very cute!

21:17 Siwon solo

21:18 The girl said (Siwon) is very prince-like

21:19 Siwon spoke in Chinese, "Nanjing...(didn't hear clearly what he said after that- -)" Kneeled down on one knee. The five members from dance battle came out to sing with Siwon~

21:21 Before ending, Siwon said, "God bless you. I love you."

21:22 Hankyung solo 'Betrayal', a lot of people are singing along~

21:24 M's 'Blue Tomorrow'

21:25 Zhoumi wore a black-rimmed glasses

21:26 Donghae wore a black shirt with white tie

21:28 A lot of people are singing along to 'Blue Tomorrow'

21:28 'Super Girl'

21:31 Donghae hi-fived Henry while dancing~

21:33 Playing VCR, details is roughly the things that changed and did not changed over these few years

21:36 'Shinning Star'

21:37 Donghae waved to the girls on the balcony

21:38 Heechul wore a bat tee, Donghae made a heart sign to the fans^^

21:39 'Sorry, Sorry'

21:43 Donghae looks very handsome in white suit~

21:45 Heechul is wearing a white-rimmed shades

21:47 There's some new choreography to the dance, Siwon didn't button up, showed his abs^^Hyukjae hit Donghae's ass> <

21:49 Playing T's clips

21:51 During 'Shinning Star' just now, right in front of Donghae there was a rainbow towel~Donghae gave the rainbow towel a thumbs-up and a wink~

21:52 'Super Man'. Heechul and Shindong said something in Mandarin, Heechul sang, "Shindong ah,12345678910." Shindong sang, "Heechul ah, between East West South North good wine is in Sandong*"

21:55 'Rokkugo'

21:56 Teukie shook hands with fan, looks to be in good mood~

21:57 Shindong lied face down on the ground acting cute…Sungmin and Teukie imitated him

21:58 Playing 'Gee' VCR now

22:00 'Gee'

22:01 Donghae wore blue pants and has a pink ribbon, Ryewook had on a red hat

22:03 There's a big white ball on Ryeowook's hat, Teukie has a small pink hat hairclip on

22:06 'Pajama Party', Heechul is holding a red umbrella

22:09 Donghae took his childhood photos~

22:11 The girl said Donghae just took our rainbow towel^^Donghae jjang!

22:11 Shindong wished everyone Happy New Year

22:12 Encore, playing clips

22:30 They're talking now, Donghae said, "Are you all happy today? We're very happy too, Nanjing fans are very beautiful. Right? Right? Yes?= =You all are my everything"

22:33 Zhoumi and Henry came out to say their thanks too, Donghae urged the audience to give them a round of applause^^

22:34 Heechul hugged Zhoumi^^Siwon hugged Henry~

22:35 Someone shouted, "Becareful of swine flu">

22:39 The concert's over

1. Before the show ends, Donghae kept muttering in Chinese for quite a long time. At the end when they were bowing (to the fans), Donghae bowed for a very long long time.
Donghae kept saying, "Dear babies, I love you, Nanjin girls are very beautiful, You are my everything" When walking around the whole (concert) ground, kept saying while walking. What's more, he dragged the first word, "De~~~~~ar~~~~~", so everyone followed suit with, "Ba~~~~~bi~~~~~es"

2. At the end Hankyung pushed Zhoumi and Henry up (onto the stage). Heechul kept hugging Zhoumi, (looking) happy. Donghae dragged Henry by the neck, gave him the microphone for him to speak. Heechul let Zhoumi speak, kept shouting "Zhoumi ah, Zhoumi ah, Zhoumi ah", when Zhoumi became embarassed, Heechul started shouting "Help, help, help"= =///Don't know who then said in Chinese to give them support> <

3. Donghae picked up a rainbow towel at Zone B, not entirely sure who threw it=o=

4. Donghae loves to play with the water gun, the others are starting encore but he's still playing there, don't even know how the water gun can contain so much water= =///

5. There's a song that Donghae kept singing at the light banner, the girl has forgotten which song, but there's visual, everyone please look forward to it~

6. During the ending Donghae kept waving at the towels, smiling

7. One of the songs Donghae kept squatting down on stage, staring at something in a fan's hands, in the end he picked two photos and ran away- -

8. After the members shouted, "Wuli Super Juni~oyeo~", Hankyung pulled Henry and Zhoumi together with the audience and shouted, "We are Super Junior M!" Two of them kept smiling embarassingly, extremely cute!

9. During the ending when they were walking around, at Zone B, a girl was holding a rainbow towel. Sungmin pat Donghae on the shoulder to let him see, Donghae waved wildly at the fan> <

* - in Mandarin (another of Donghae's favourite phrases^^)
** - The kind in the recording studios
* - Shindong's favourite phrase that he sprouts everytime he's in a Mandarin speaking country

Source: ELFISH
May take out with full credit to ELFISH for original account and SJ-World.net for English translation

Sabtu, 14 November 2009


ada crita ttg donghae nii ^^ lucu" d..

> saat donghae menerima award pertamanya *bersama SUPER JUNIOR* kata pertama yang dia ucapkan adalah “Father, I hope you’re healthy”..

> cita2 donghae waktu kecil adalah menjadi seorang atlet..saat kelas 6 ayahnya menyarankan donghae untuk menjadi seorang penyanyi..saat kelas 7, donghae melihat adanya audisi bernyanyi di salah satu album dan berniat mengikuti..ayahnya sangat mendukung karena cita2 ayahnya dulu adalah menjadi seorang penyanyi, tapi ngga kesampean soalnya dilarang ma ayahnya (kakeknya donghae)..

> donghae berpisah dengan keluarganya selama 6 tahun selama mengikuti training..saat donghae kembali membawa gaji pertamanya..ayahnya telah tiada karena penyakit kanker yang dideritanya..T.T

> donghae seneng banget sama anak anjing..salah satu anjing kesayangannya bernama bada atau "sea"..malah dulu waktu kecil..donghae pernah berniat menamakan anaknya nanti dengan bada juga..*yaeLah..masa nama anjing ma anak sama..XP*

> saat perform lagu U..donghae merasa para member melihat dia seperti binatang buas..haha..

> donghae menyayangi semua member SJ..contohnya..kalo ada hyungnya yang ngambek..donghae langsung buatin mereka mie..kekeke..

> donghae selalu ingat ulang tahun para hyungnya..^^

> donghae suka banget dipeluk (hugholic)..>///<

> donghae bakalan seneng kalo dipanggil "PRINCE"..

> donghae berteman baik dengan eunhyuk..makanya donghae paling seneng maen ma eunhyuk..pernah suatu ketika saat donghae berada di Cina bersama SJ M..member lain yang berada di korea menghubungi donghae dengan video call..saat itu eunhyuk menangis..alesannya dia kangen sama donghae..*phuahahaha..*..

> donghae senang memperkenalkan dirinya dan eunhyuk sebagai EUNHAE = eunhyuk dan donghae (berawal dari fanfict)..tapi karena takut shiwon marah donghae menggantinya jadi EUNSHIHAE..^^

> donghae benci warna pink..makanya donghae dan sungmin sekarang udah ngga sekamer lagi..*soalnya sungmin pecinta pink*..

> tempat andalan donghae untuk menyimpan uang adalah di dispenser..*jah..kya kga da tmpat Laen mas..*

> donghae mudah sekali menangis..apalagi kalo udah ngomongin ayahnya..dia juga sering nangis kalo sedang menelepon keluarganya..:')

> kalo ada yang bilang dia pendek..donghae cepet2 pergi online buat dapetin cara buat nambahin tinggi badan dan banyak2 minum susu..

> donghae selalu pake silver bracelet pemberian ibunya..makanya ngga pernah dilepas sampe sekarang..

> donghae mempunyai kebiasaan tidur malam yang buruk bagi kesehatannya..

> saat berumur 4tahun..setiap sepulang sekolah..donghae akan memencet2 bell tetangganya dan berlari sebelum dia tertangkap..

> saat kelas 3 SD..donghae pernah dihukum di ruang guru gara2 gurunya mengira bahwa donghae yang mengambil buku absen..

> kalau donghae punya pacar..tipenya adalah wanita yang bisa menjaga dan memperhatikan donghae..donghae juga berniat mengajak pacarnya nanti berkeliling mokpo tempat dia dilahirkan dan dibesarkan..

> sebelum debut..donghae takut naik pesawat terbang..makanya pas SMA dia ngga pernah ikut perjalanan sekolah..

> donghae paling ngga bisa tidur dalam keadaan ribut..

> donghae pernah meninggalkan pesan di fan cafe "ELF I LOVE U"..tapi kemudian sungmin datang dan memberitahu kalo yang donghae tulis salah..harusnya "LOVE" jadi "LVOE"..saat itu donghae merasa sangat malu..kekeke..

> saat kibum datang ke Korea..donghae orang pertama yang memeluk dan menyambut kibum..

> saat donghae masih kecil..dia bermain bersama teman2nya dengan cara membagi dalam beberapa kelompok..kelompok manapun dengan donghae sebagai anggotanya..akan selalu kalah..*hae pembawa sial kali yak..bhuahaha..*

> donghae sangat membenci rokok dan minuman keras..

> donghae takut banget sama suara ngoroknya shindong..*haha..*

> donghae benci makan sendirian..makanya dia rajin nungguin member lain yang lagi sibuk beraktifitas buat makan bareng..

> donghae sangat mengagumi para supir taxi..menurutnya supir taxi dapat membawa kita berkeliling kemanapun walau dalam keadaan capek..

> donghae suka membangunkan member lain dengan cara mencubit pantat mereka atau memeluk mereka di tempat tidur..

> donghae sangat takut dengan hantu..makanya dia ngga pernah matiin lampunya kalo mau tidur..

> donghae tidak mempunyai teman selama 1 tahun di SM Ent...soalnya dia ngga nemu2 orang yang berasal dari kota asalnya (Mokpo)..begitu ketemu yunho (DBSK) yang juga dari Mokpo..mereka jadi deket..selama pre debut..donghae tinggal bareng yunho dan heechul..mereka bertiga juga punya nama julukan "The Ddabbong Brothers"..^^

> sebelum debut..eunhyuk dan junsu (DBSK) berencana menjahili donghae dengan membuatnya menangis..eunhyuk bilang "kau sudah mulai berubah dan sudah melupakan kita.."..(biasanya seseorang yang sudah menjadi seorang selebritis seperti itu)..donghae kecewa dan pergi..eunhyuk pergi nyusul..ternyata dia denger ada yang nangis di kamar mandi..begitu hyuk mau buka pintu kamar mandinya..donghae langsung ngebanting pintu sambil teriak "AKU TIDAK AKAN BERUBAH!!"..*aiiihh..>.<*

> selain "FISH"..donghae punya julukan lain "PINOCCHIO" yang diberikan oleh heechul..dan nama inggrisnya "AIDEN LEE" (disebutkan di acara FULL HOUSE)..^^

> sedikit impian donghae saat menikah nanti..donghae ingin "sang istri" melakukan hal2 ini:: saat bangun tidur..istrinya akan memberikannya ciuman selamat pagi..setelah pergi mandi, donghae akan dibuatkan sandwich yang enak dan mereka sarapan bersama..sebelum pergi ke kantor..sang istri akan membetulkan dasinya dan memberikannya ciuman selamat tinggal..*oaLaaaaah..kalo aku istrinya aku ciumin trus tiap menit dah..huakakakak..*

> donghae sangat mengagumi song hye gyo..

> donghae berencana menikah saat umurnya 32 tahun atau saat melihat polaris..*nah Loh?!*

> sebelum ayahnya meninggal..ayahnya telah menunjuk sang angel "leader teuki" untuk menjaga donghae..

> donghae suka sekali memakai topi..

> donghae termasuk orang yang mudah tertawa..

> saat melihat seorang gadis..yang pertama donghae lihat adalah matanya..

> alat musik kesukaannya donghae itu piano..tapi donghae lebih senang mempelajari gitar daripada piano..

> buah kesukaan donghae yaitu jeruk..pear..strawberry..kiwi..

> anggota SUPER JUNIOR yang menurut donghae "good Looking" : heechul dan kibum..

> nomor yang donghae suka : 3..6..9..

> makanan kesukaan donghae : chicken doritang..kimchi..seafood dan cookies pokapoka chip..makanan yang tidak dia suka yaitu makanan apapun yang manis..dan minuman kesukaannya adalah susu..

> impiannya sejak kecil : "walaupun aku menabrak mobil yang sangat besar, aku tidak akan terluka"..*mau jadi superman kali dia..XP*

> musim yang sangat donghae suka : musim semi..musim panas..musim gugur..musim dingin..dan donghae berharap tiap hari musimnya berubah..*ngaco ah..hoho..*

> negara2 yang ingin dikunjungi donghae : Amerika..Australia dan Kanada..

> kata2 yang sering donghae ucapkan : "stay healthy!!"..

==sumber : berbagai vid. reality show dan interview==
* dpt dr group di fb *

leeteuk cy update

Today is.. lonely

..Don’t get sick..*

* Also: don’t get hurt

Original Source. 박정수 미니홈피
Translated by. Gaia at SJ-WORLD.NET

Today is.. fighting

…Now it’s winter…

Credits: 박정수 Cyworld
Sidebar translations: ★_Excentrique @SJ-World.net
Take out with full and proper credits.

Diary Entry

09.11.12 (2009.11.13 01:36)

…Today my brain seems to overloaded, it feels like splitting…

Original source 박정수 Cyworld
Kor to Chi : zhenzhuzhijia.com
Chi to Eng: lovemiko@sjworld.net
Take out with full and proper credits.

sungmin cy and diary update

Diary entry 2009.11.11 19:33

Our Hyaku will come…^ㅡ^
kkeuing ~ it’s good !!

09.11.12 Sidebar update

Let’s meet Hyaku♥

* Note : it seems like “햐쿠” (Hyaku) is Sungmin’s new pet or something since Min’s friend Daniel left a comment on his cyworld said “Let’s bring Hyaku (here) to play”

Source : Sungmin’s cyworld
Translated by evanesco@sj-world.net

Jumat, 13 November 2009

leeteuk ct and diary entri


Today is.. fighting


…Now it’s winter…

Credits: 박정수 Cyworld
Sidebar translations: ★_Excentrique @SJ-World.net
Take out with full and proper credits.


09.11.12 (2009.11.13 01:36)

…Today my brain seems to overloaded, it feels like splitting…

Original source 박정수 Cyworld
Kor to Chi : zhenzhuzhijia.com
Chi to Eng: lovemiko@sjworld.net
Take out with full and proper credits.

Leeteuk’s Diary
Posted as 2009.11.10 (Written on 2009.11.11 03:25)

..I’ve been so busy..wah..didn’t get much sleep the past two days..

..Nevertheless I’m actually too happy?…^^ㅋㅋ

Original Source. 박정수 미니홈피
Translated by. Gaia at SJ-WORLD.NET
Additional credits to. ★_Excentrique at SJ-WORLD.NET

donghae cy entry

Hello^^ I’m SUPER JUNIOR Donghae!

It’s been a long time!! This image is a picture taken at the Beijing Airport^^~~

The weather’s got very cold too and lately I’ve also been hearing a lot of the risks of the new type* so everyone better wash clean well

Be careful to not catch a cold.

Also are there many people taking the sooneung too??!!

I think that there will be good results according to how hard you worked!!

And recently there’s been the 4th Anniversary of SJ & ELF together so to the ELF who have been with us even until now


I really won’t forget even when I’m dead!!

I receive so much love that I don’t know what to say!!

In the future I’ll often show you a good image!!

I love you!!Thank you!!Don’t hurt!!^^

* New type of flu

Original Source. 이동해 미니홈피
Translated by. Gaia at SJ-WORLD.NET


Rabu, 11 November 2009

mv heechul choebyol


super junior legend

part 1

Part 2

part 3

part 4

Part 5

sukira transcripts ^^ eunteuk

091023 – 091029 Sukira Transcripts

KTR’s Welcomes It’s New Autumn Format
It is well known that the popular group, Super Junior, earns a lot of money, but the 2 DJs have never treated the KTR production team to a meal. It has even been said that in during March, Leeteuk made the writer wash his own pillow, is this true?
Leeteuk: Actually, it’s because we are too busy……
Questioner: Just tell us if it is true.
Leeteuk: It’s true……
Questioner: Awhile ago, Eunhyuk went to Paris and brought back some small gifts, it was said that the production team, after receiving them, burst into tears. Previously, how petty were the both of you to make them so touched that they cried, just by receiving such a small gift. From today onwards, are you going to treat them to a meal?
Eunhyuk: We planned to treat them a few times, after the recording ended, but each time, the writers would say they had already eaten…… so we had no choice.
Questioner: Leeteuk, do you want to defend yourself?
Leeteuk: I’ve been waiting for the day when they change the format, I’ve been waiting for the day we can have a meal with our new PD and writers.
Questioner: The previous PD and the writers have all heard this before……

It has been said that Eunhyuk pays attention to who is the female guest for the day, is it true?
Eunhyuk: It’s not true, it’s not true
Questioner: Be truthful.
Eunhyuk: Yeah, that’s right, of course it is important who the female guest is.
Questioner: Who makes your heart beat the most?
Eunhyuk: Of course it’s Lee Soo Young. (The guest that is doing the questioning is Lee Soo Young)
Questioner: Stop saying nonsense. Instead, say which group makes your heart beat the most.
Eunhyuk: I often say this in programs, the solo hoobae that I really like, is IU.
Leeteuk: High school student, high school student.
Eunhyuk: I say it truthfully every time.
Questioner: It has been said, that you use the excuse of being a fixed guest, to constantly ask female guests for their phone numbers, is it true?
Eunhyuk: This is really not true……
Questioner: Leeteuk shall answer.
Leeteuk: It’s true.
Questioner: Using this method, how many people have you managed to attract? Be honest.
Eunhyuk: About two or three……
Questioner: It has also been said that Leeteuk has been very attentive to female hoobaes.
Leeteuk: I really didn’t (do that)
Questioner: From today onwards, you cannot be biased to female hoobaes, you have to treat others fairly.
KTR would often play English songs, but each time, when it comes to introducing the song, Leeteuk would always say, “Eunhyuk, please introduce the name of the next song.” Using these methods to avoid speaking English, is it true?
Leeteuk: It’s not true, I’m just giving way to Eunhyuk.
Questioner: Then promise right now, that from now on, you will introduce the names of the English songs.
Leeteuk: I do not promise……
Eunhyuk: This person’s English is very simple and short, if you don’t believe me, let’s have an exchange with Amber to listen.
Leeteuk: Nice to meet you*
Amber: Nice to meet you too. How are you today?*
Leeteuk: Yes…… I’m fine…… Yes, bye bye……*
Amber: What did you eat today?*
Leeteuk: (In Japanese) Thank you.
Eunyuk: Hahaha…… Leeteuk really doesn’t introduce the names of English songs, once there is English, he would secretly let me do the introductions.
Questioner: Really sly.

*Note: The words in Italics were said in English.

Through Bora, we can often see the two of you eating and quarrelling at the same time. Are the two of you elementary school students? Quarrelling all the time just because of a little bit of food, that’s very stingy.
Eunhyuk: He’s very stingy. When I ask him what he wants to order, he always commands me to do something, or he’ll wait for me to do it and then tell me what he wants. He’s always like this, like an elementary school student, and he’s already a 27 year old person.
Questioner: Is this true?
Leeteuk: No, it’s not true. Actually, Eunhyuk is worse. I asked him for a piece of biscuit, if he wanted to give it, he should just give the entire thing, but he always breaks it and gives me a tiny piece.
Eunhyuk: I admit…… In future, if we have anything, we’ll share it……

It has been said that during the Bora, both of you are not looking at the listeners’ messages, instead you are taking care of your own cyworlds, or looking at news about other celebrities. Is this really true? As a DJ, how can you be like this……
Leeteuk: We only look at the messages.
Eunhyuk: It’s because of you that we are misunderstood. Leeteuk occasionally goes into his own cyworld, and on his storyroom, he would write “Now is KTR’s Bora time……” The back of our computer faces the camera; Leeteuk has secretly seen goodness knows how many photos of young female idols.
Leeteuk: When have I seen them…… you’re wronging me, how can you not tell the truth.
Questioner: Does he mainly look at actresses or singers?
Eunhyuk: his range is quite broad, heheheh.

Both of you have been doing KTR up to now, have you received any confessions from female guests?
Eunhyuk: I haven’t.
Questioner: That means you have confessed before.
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk is very skilled in this sort of things, if he were to take out his handphone to ask someone for their number, it can be seen on camera, so he records the number on our script……
Eunhyuk: What the person is asking is if we have received any confessions.
Leeteuk: During bora, someone ever confessed to me. She kept staring at me, and if I looked at her, her face would turn red.
Eunhyuk: She said Leeteuk appeared in her dreams, and while dreaming, she liked him. She has a boyfriend, but she still likes Leeteuk.
Leeteuk: I am too popular.

Source: Ktimseohye
Korean to Chinese translations by Kimseohye
Chinese to English translations by –dreamx @ sj-world.net

Selasa, 10 November 2009

hankyung ^^

member suju yg satu ini memang sangat populer di china mantaph!!!

hankyung memiliki fans anak kecil berusia 4 tahun membawa 5 kotak CD , ia iseng bertanya, ” Hei..aku sendiri belum punya CD yang taiwan version lho…” Ibu Emma yang mendengar buru – buru menyuruh Han mengambil satu, ” Ambil saja punya putriku..” ~ Emma 4 thn ~ Han tertawa mendengarnya, ” hahahaha… aku tidak mau mencuri dari anak kecil !”

Emma~ anak Taiwan itu begitu senang saat Han membubuhkan tanda tangan di sampul CD miliknya. Matanya berbinar – binar dan terus “memelototi” gambar Han sambil terus membolak – balik halamannya depan – belakang. Salah seorang fans mengambil foto anak ini dan mengirimkannya untuk Han agar dirinya cepat sembuh. Han terlihat berkunjung ke RS setempat pada tanggal 9 November kemarin untuk melakukan check-up karena perutnya sedikit bermasalah.

sambil mengirimkan foto emma, ia tidak lupa menambhakan pesan..Han lekas sembuh.!! Little Emma will go meet you at Taiwan Fanmeeting!!~
~ Emma, dia akan kembali menemuimu lagi di Fanmeeting Taiwan mendatang~

dan terakhir, gak ada angin gak ada hujan, tiba – tiba poster Hangeng menampakkan diri di Ukraina !! Nah Lhooo !!!! tulisannya Diskon 20 % khusus hari Minggu !

untuk pikunya bisa di lihat disini :



huaaa itu anak kecil pinter, tw mana aja cowo keren
Emma asyik bngt liat piku hans , pinjem dong hahaaaa

ps:aku dpt info dr fb ^^

Minggu, 08 November 2009

betis cowo yg lbh bagus & mulus drpda cw

aduhh .. betis mreka ituu .. bner" .. klo abis wax mndingan pke hot pants aja
spaiaa betis nya kliatan jlas .. huahahaa .. betis nya .. udah putih mulus .. bntuk nya bagus lg ..
aduhh .. pngsan dehh ..

oooo .. betis kyuu .. *pingsan* lbh mulus drpda cw .. kok bsa yaa ..
aduhh .. kyu kmu apain betis km .. aaahh ..
* kagum*

suju M

Tadi malam (November 7th), grup idola yang populer Super Junior M, yang sedang mempromosikan mini album mereka yang baru “Super Girl”, membuat sebuah penampilan di Taipei, untuk mengumumkan melalui video bahwa mereka akan mengadakan Fanmeeting di Taiwan 5-6 Desember.

Tahu bahwa album mereka telah diatapi nomor 1 di 3 Charts di Taiwan, SJ-M menjanjikan “Kita harus melakukan promosi di Taiwan sehingga kita dapat berterima kasih kepada fans kami sendiri”. Tadi malam, perusahaan rekaman mereka (Avex) mengadakan misterius “Super Girl Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek” di Breeze Mall di Taipei. Dipimpin oleh Hangeng, mengumumkan bahwa 7 anggota melalui video bahwa mereka akan memegang dua Fanmeeting di Taipei International Meeting Center.

Untuk fanmeet ini, anggota cina Zhoumi bahkan mengorbankan kesempatan untuk merayakan ulang tahun orangtuanya bersama mereka pada Desember 6th.

Selain dari dekat interaksi dengan penggemar, perform lagu-lagu mereka yang menyentuh hati, setiap anggota akan memiliki pertunjukan solo. Tiket untuk SJ-M “Pertama Fan Taipei Party” akan dijual melalui Ticket Era (http://www.ticket.com.tw) pada 14 November pukul 12

yg translate dri: superfifteen

Sabtu, 07 November 2009

blue tomorrow

mv blue tomorrow udh kluar !! mv yg udh lama aku tunggu" akhirnya kluar jgaa .. senangnyaa wkkw

ni linknya : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGO1fmMtEw8&feature=player_embedded

melting dah akuu .. kereenn bgtttttttttttttt ^^

marry u ( from elf to suju )

link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLsiEMKNfOQ&feature=related
( versi 1 )
link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEEIaMva3RM&feature=related
( versi 2 )
link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rElZtwjthc&feature=related
( versi 3 )

suara elf ini pas di super show 1 yg asli nya .. kalo mo liat video yg gaa di edit ini
link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugxpwf-VaKM&feature=PlayList&p=1E50CEBDFADBDF3D&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=23

di yg asli nya uri leader ampe nangis byk loo.. aku ampe bangga jga ma elf <3

triple s, cassieopeia, elf hate SNSD

link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3ztMn8q_oc&feature=related
link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0F-Tx9REAk&feature=related

keterangan : mreka smua gaa support snsd sma skali kliatan dr cara klo mreka itu gaa bawa lampu yg warna snsd dan smua nyaa itu geelaaapp totall .. good job ^^

sone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sone ngancurin banner suju pas dream concert thn 2008 !!!!!! ilfil gw sma sonee !!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !! awaasssss yaaa !!!!!!!

aku liat videonya smpe kasian bgt sma elf" dsono.. mreka pda nangis ..
nii link video nya : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ds9sB_K4VY diliat yaaa

photo" super junior ( eunteuk only )4th aniversary

Jumat, 06 November 2009

eunhae ^^

yesung singin ring ding dong

yesung nyanyiin lagu shinee ring ding dong pda tanggal 6 november
ni link video nya : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7PTZ7RG6gQ

cy hyukjae update ^^

Without noticing, a time span of 4 years has quickly passed.
A time that has been short, but at the same time not that long….
I’m looking back on the path on which we aimlessly came running on.
And I think, how did we come running down this kind of path?
I also caught a glimpse of the road on which I want to return on.
However beginning with 12 confirmed members,
If it wasn’t 13 members now, I don’t think I would have ever been able to…
Run down this road alone.
The longest time I’ve spent together with members is 10 years, the shortest being 4 years…
They’ve changed a lot. Even in my opinion, they’ve grown old ^^;
They have changed in a lot of aspects. Of course me too ^^
If there is something that hasn’t changed, it would be the words Super Junior carved in my heart…
If my life had a book, I would write in the biggest, thickest writing…^^

boys in the city ^^


couple ^^

EunTeuk ^^

EunHae ^^

KangTeuk ^^

KangTeuk ^^

foto crazy suju xP

br bangun tidurr yaa oppa xP

knpa tuu si kangin ? huahahah

sorry sorry photo ^^

Kyu muacchh xD

Soooooooooryyyyyy ii ~~~~

sorry sorry sorry sorry ~~~~

fishy xP

lebih cantik dr cewe xP

eunhae couple :*

waduh si hyukjae knpa nii? hahah .

ada apa dgan uri leader ?? xP

uri leader teukie , knpaa oppa kuu ?? hahah .. pke jepit sgala lgii .. mndingan pnjem jepit aku aja oppaa*maunya* wkwk xP