Rabu, 16 Desember 2009

heechul cy update

Heechul Cyworld Entry 2009.12.16 -
Please Call It Heekyung

I only go to China when we have a concert there… that is, occasionally

but everytime I go, I’m really popular

…… it’s understandable if it’s a normal degree of popularity, but to be this popular, I was pretty surprised

So I asked Hankyung

Me: Hey, “Jin Xi Che”~that’s me right? Whoa, why am I so popular – -;;

Hankyung: Because you’re a punk. (NOTE: thanks [info]weird_ab!)

Me: (- ┏)

Then I asked our manager-hyung,

Me: Hyung, why am I so popular? Haha, it puts me in a good mood, hahaha

Hyung: Because there’s only one person like you in the world, so a lot of people like you, haha

Me: Oh~ Does that mean I should grow my hair until it reaches waist-length? Hahaha [NO HEECHUL IT DOESN'T]

Hyung: Also Hankyung mentions your name quite often in China.

Me: That bastard… is he saying that I taught him curses again – -^

Hyung: Hankyung often says that you helped him out a lot when he had problems in Korea, says that you’re very close friends~ everyone asks why you don’t come to China more often, haha.

Me: Looks like he said something good for once. Strangely embarrassing, haha.

Hyung: Also your fans are kind of scary, haha. Maybe because they’re like you? [the coding got messed up here?]

Me: My fans were originally like that. Haha. Recently the focus has been on becoming more popular. Maybe I should switch it up a bit for the fans? I’d feel more at ease – -

Hyung: Ah

Me: Why do all my banners read “Princess” – -? And there are pictures of me as a woman.

Hyung: That… Hankyung is China’s prince? So you’re the princess.

Me: Oh, does that mean I have to shave my armpits? Hehehehe

Later, when I was drinking with Hankyung just the two of us, I brought it up casually

Me: Hey, thanks.

Hankyung: For what?

Me: Well~ I heard you mention me a lot in China~because of you I’m popular there even though I don’t go very often hahaha (it’s really embarrassing to say stuff like this)

Hankyung: Shut up and drink.

Me: ^-^ (This guy really makes me wanna…. – -^)

My warm friend(-┏)

Credit: mytiggerhobes at heechulpetals & SJ-WORLD.NET

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